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What is the safest website to download free music?




Remember the days of waiting for your local music store to release the album of your favorite artist? You had been listening to your favorite song for weeks now, and it maintained the #1 spot on your local radio station for some time. Finally, Tuesday arrived and you purchased the album and noticed that the only respectable song on the entire album is the one that you had been singing for weeks. This is a major reason for the shift in the music industry.

Consumers are tired of purchasing an entire album for $17.00, just to listen to 1 great song and 12 mediocre songs.  So here comes Napster in 1999 and LimeWire in 2000. These two programs changed the music industry forever. Now, you could download your favorite songs for free.  Several music lovers said goodbye to purchasing crappy albums. However, with free music comes the risk of free viruses.  This is where my research comes into play. I have researched the net, and I have determined what I feel is the safest way to download free music. Please be advised, anytime you download music via p2p network you are at risk.


                To determine the safest site to download free music we must first understand how these sites work (LimeWire, FrostWire, I mesh, etc.). All of the free music download sites are based on a p2p network. Ok so now you are asking yourself, what is a p2p network? P2p network stand for peer to peer network. Basically, this means that someone just like you in the world is uploading their music on this site so other users can download it. So if the music file they are uploading is infected with a virus, that virus is downloaded to the free music website to you, the downloader. So it’s a good chance that the person that is uploading the file has no idea that the file is infected, and you won’t know it’s infected until you download the file. There are also very bad people out there that upload these infected files deliberately.  So how can you download free music affectively?


Ok, now that you know that safe, free p2p music download sites do not exist, what precautions can you take to make your free music search friendlier?

  1. 1.       When you download any file that may be suspicious, never click the run or open button. If you run or open an infected file, you will be infected. What you should do is click “save”, run your anti-virus scan and hope that it finds any viruses that may exist in the saved file. If the virus scan comes back with 0, enjoy your music.


  1. 2.       When downloading a music file, never download wacky titles. For example, if you want to download Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, you should download exactly that, “Thriller”. Do not download Thriller 1.2 or Thriller 1 because these files could definitely be a virus.


  1. 3.       An average mp3 song file size is about 6mb, this is about a 4.5 minute song. So if you see any songs way off the 6mb size, stay away from it.

My pick

I am not a big music downloader, but if I were, I would use I mesh. Not because it’s safer, but because I like how user friendly it is.


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