How Should You React to Computer Virus Threats?




Computers have become part of the indispensable devices in people’s lives today. These devices are designed to make life a lot easier and enjoyable. With a computer, you can work more effectively and fast. However, you can only benefit from your computer if it is in proper form. Poorly maintained computers can really disappoint you. They will develop a serious hitch when you are in the middle of an important assignment. The biggest threat to computers today is the problem of hackers and viruses. The problem with many computer users is that they do not know how to deal with this problem. They apply methods that end up causing more damage to their systems. So how do you deal with this problem?

For starters, do not let the panic of realizing that your computer has virus cause you to react in the wrong way. Most people will immediately delete files or install new ones when they realize that their computer has been infected with virus. The most important thing to do is to ensure that your computer is backed up properly. Sometimes you can receive an email from your friend or a stranger warning you of an impending doom. At times you may ignore this email and just mark it as trash. The truth is that some of these emails are real and sometimes they are not. The best way to deal with such emails is to check the list of virus hoaxes. If you realize that it is a virus, then delete it immediately without even opening it.

The greatest challenge is when the hoax email comes from your friend. Once you open the email, the hackers will then pull names from your system’s address book. They then use these names to spread their viruses further. Experts argue that you can protect your computer against these hackers by setting your email in a way that it will only recognize plain text. You can also block all emails with file attachments. Hackers have even gone a step further with viruses that have the capability to inculcate your system to accept emails with plain text but still contaminate your PC with concealed malicious code.

Another effective way of preventing your PC from getting infected with virus is to ensure that your Windows OS are always up to date. You should always update your windows since most of the latest versions are more resistant to viruses. It is also good to install more effective protection programs. Windows should be updated at least on a weekly basis. The good thing is that you can schedule this process to occur automatically to ensure that it does not hinder your other tasks. There is a way in which you can program your computer to download updates automatically. But how do you know whether your system has been infected by a virus? The most obvious symptom of a virus attack is reduction in speed. If your PC has started to run slowly, chances are that it has been infected with a computer virus.

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