Monthly IT Maintenance

Don’t have the budget for Managed IT Services or help desk support. Our Monthly IT Maintenance package is for your business. With our maintenance package, your business will recieve 1 monthly office visit to update your business computer’s and servers.  During your pre scheduled office visit, we will also tune-up and remove any harmful programs causing your computer slow, check your security, and check backups.

Most small businesses suffer because they feel the only time they need to hire an IT company is when problems occur.  However, this is the worst and most expensive method. With most businesses, when your network is down, you lose 3 times.

1. You lose out on productivity, because your employees are not able to work, which causes everyone to fall behind.

2. You lose out on sales.

3. You pay higher IT cost, because you are charged the full rate. Also the tech must spend time diagnosing the problem before they can even begin the repair.

With our maintenance package, most problems that cause network outages are addressed monthly.  In the event of  an unexpected problem, you are billed at a discounted rate.