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What is the best form of advertising?

Of course its word of mouth. Nothing compares to your customer bragging about your services to a family member or friend.

Whats the 2nd best form of advertising?

Some may answer this question with radio, Tv, billboard, direct mail, cold calling or etc. However,  the 2nd most effective advertising in the US is Search Engine Optimization. Being on the 1st page of Google for your keyword will put your company in front of thousands of potential customers.

Why SEO Services?                                                                     

1.  Your Customers are searching Google

With any other form of advertising, you are paying truck loads of money hoping that the right prospect see’s your ad.  With SEO services, there are thousands of customers per month searching for your services. These prospects already have a need for your services, and is just searching for the right company to give their hard earned money to. These customers will buy soon, so why not buy from your company? Google is the new Yellow Pages. Customers are searching with computers, smart phones, and tablets.

2. You Can Compete With the Big Dogs

Unlike tv, radio, direct mail, sponsorships, and billboards, you can compete with larger companies with larger budgets. With adding SEO services into your budget, a small dental clinic with 2 locations, or a law firm with 1-2 locations can go toe to toe with a national corporation.

Ok, now you must think we are blowing smoke. Let me tell you how this is possible.

Google doesn’t base its rankings on the status, or profitability of your company. All Google cares about is if their searchers are finding the best content revelant to the searched keyword. We specialize in showing Google that your website is revelant and important. We strategically optimize your website,  and ad high quality content on, an off your website, to jet blast your company to the 1st page of Google.

Jet Blast Your Way To Page 1 Of Google


Why Us?

Unlike most SEO companies, we only offer our services to 1 company per profession, per city, per keyword. Meaning, if you are our client as a Family Law Firm in Dallas, Tx, we will not service another Family Law Firm in Dallas,Tx with your selected keywords. We don’t believe it’s fair for our customers to compete against each other. As our customer, you own the exclusive rights to the keywords you select, until you cancel. If a competitor request your keywords, they must stay on our waiting list, and hope you decide to cancel. However, cancellations are rare.  Lots of dishonest SEO companies promise 1st page results to many clients of the same profession in the same location. However,  there are only so many page 1 slots.

Call today to lock out your competition and reserve your keywords in your city.

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