5 Ways to Increase Your Computer’s Speed


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5 Inexpensive Ways to Speed Up your Computer


If you happen to be using a computer at home for work or even at work, then you know how wasting time on a slow computer can be, not to mention, boring. Therefore, as a user of a computer, finding ways that could speed up your computer should be top priority because a faster computer means alot of productivity which in turn rewards really well whether you are self employed or not. So, do not wait until the day your computer slows up and throw it out of the window because of frustrations, use these 5 simple inexpensive ways to speed up your computer:


  1. Adding Memory: Installation of more memory is one of the cheapest ways to ensure your computer is running fast. With more RAM, your installed applications will speed up allowing you to run several programs at a go.
  2. Clean Junk Files: Ccleaner is a free tool that we use to clean temporary files saved on our customers computer’s. These are junk files that are saved every time you visit a website.
  3. Regular Desktop and Server Maintenance: Just like auto mobiles, computers also need regular servicing so that they can be more reliable and be able to perform at top speed. The minimum maintenance you should perform on your computer is running a Disc Defrag and ScanDisk utility each month. In turn, your files and applications will run at a faster speed.
  4. Run a Virus Scan Daily:  The worst you could ever hope for is for your computer to be infected by viruses, because your computer ends up slow and unstable. This is because it eats up all the resources of your system, causing it to come to a slow crawl. Having a Virus scan run daily will help with speed.
  5. Remove/Disable any unnecessary programs: Most of these unused programs just eat up space and resources slowing down your computer. Ensure any program not in use is either removed or disabled.


These points will definitely have your computer running at optimum speed once more and you can get working without having to wait agonizing minutes for a program to open. They are also quite affordable; therefore you do not have to worry about coughing up too much money. These points may speed up your computer, but do not be surprised if your outdated computer network does not respond well to these trials.  For more information, feel free to contact us at 713-697-2349.

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