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Important Guide to Follow When Buying a Computer

        Computers have become a necessity in almost all modern day households. This can be attributed to the fact that technology has revolutionized virtually every aspect of human life. Today, students are studying from their homes through online programs that are being offered by different learning institutions. Parents are also doing their…
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How Should You React to Computer Virus Threats?

      Computers have become part of the indispensable devices in people’s lives today. These devices are designed to make life a lot easier and enjoyable. With a computer, you can work more effectively and fast. However, you can only benefit from your computer if it is in proper form. Poorly maintained computers can…
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Getting the Best Computer at an Affordable Price

        Computers are among the major devices that have revolutionized the world of communication. Today, there are many households owning computers. They use them for sending emails, visiting social networks, doing assignments, among other roles. There are also people who are making a living through computers by blogging. As a result, there…
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5 Ways to Increase Your Computer’s Speed

  Share If You Like     5 Inexpensive Ways to Speed Up your Computer   If you happen to be using a computer at home for work or even at work, then you know how wasting time on a slow computer can be, not to mention, boring. Therefore, as a user of a computer,…
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Popular Windows Virus

Watch Out, this is a very popular nasty VIRUS. It also has a windows 7 and vista version. It will lock up you PC so you can’t use it.  

Online Computer Repair

    Are you getting annoying popups on your computer? Has a virus completely taken over, and you can’t do anything? Or, is your computer just slow and need a tune-up? We all have these problems. However, sometimes our schedules prevent us from being able to take our problem computer to our local computer repair…
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What is the safest website to download free music?

What is the safest website to download free music? What is the safest website to download free music? Remember the days of waiting for your local music store to release the album of your favorite artist? You had been listening to your favorite song for weeks now, and it maintained the #1 spot on your…
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WHY IS MY COMPUTER SO SLOW? Is this you every time you start up your computer? Does it take you computer way too long to start? Well on average a computer using windows OS should only take about 1-2 minutes. Anything after that and you have problems. What are the main reasons for this problem?…
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Should I Fix My Old Computer or Buy a New Computer?

                Should I fix my old computer or buy a new computer? This is a question that everyone faces sometime in their life. You have had your computer for 5 year now. You feel that your 5 year old computer is outdated, slow, and just plain old frustrating….
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