Top Reasons Why Your Website is not on Page 1 of Google

Google is the most used search engine in the USA. Google has algorithms it uses to rate your web page and rank it either at the top, bottom, or even blacklist it. Whichever the case above, search engine crawlers visits web pages frequently. After your page is visited, if the content is noted to be of good quality your web URL is indexed. There are several reasons why other websites rank higher than yours, however below are the most popular reasons

Poor usage of key words:
Google crawlers search for key words that are relevant to the subject matter. The relevance is obtained by the number of keywords on your web page, which is called keyword density. Take note that I used the word webpage and not website. Google ranks webpages not websites, this is the 2nd hardest fact to get website owners to understand. Improper usage of key words result to poor ranking.

Lack of content on your website:
With Google, always remember content is King. Google loves fresh, relevant content, and that can also include videos This is the 1st hardest fact for website owners to understand. I have seen many beautiful $2,000 websites that are on page 50 of Google. Reason being is that business owners forget the purpose of a website. INFORMATION. Search Engines don’t care about your fancy pictures, might of fact, they can’t even see your pictures. Sometimes Ugly is better.

Poor website design:
The design of a website should not have broken links(page cannot be displayed); it should always have social syndication and most importantly be fast loading. If your website lacks these basic features, be assured of poor ranking, you should modify the pages to add value to better ranking.

Usage of shortcuts:
Avoid copy paste. Try as much as possible to be original. Ensure that the links of your webpage are not vague. Avoid using link farms  to earn good ranking, this can result to Google slapping a ban on your website. A link farm is, “Hey I will put your link
on my site if you place my link on yours.

Assuming the importance of SEOs
SEO articles are important. If you want your web page  to be ranked on the top, these are the driving force behind the threading feature of the search engine-crawler. Compose as many as you can, then paste them on article marketing websites. They Improve your visibility and subsequent top ranking.

Poor investment:
What you put into your SEO determines what you get out of your SEO. It requires time, energy, and effort to achieve the best. SEO is a never ending battle, because your competitors are always trying to outrank you. So constantly improve your web pages, create unique content, and above all contact Affordable Pc Mechanics, the result will be top ranking! To be at the top you have to mature gradually. SEO is a marathon not a sprint.
Points to remember
1.       Choose your keywords wisely.(Use Google keyword tool)
2.       Tailor your website for the search engine 1st, and the customer 2nd. (Being pretty doesn’t matter if no one see it).
3.       Create unique content.
 4.      You can outrank fortune 500 companies. Google doesn’t care about your company’s status or money.  As long as you provide relevant content to their searchers, you can be on page 1.
 5.      Call Affordable Pc Mechanics for a FREE website analysis.

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